Honeycomb Spigots
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Honeycomb Spigots

Approved by the BHA in April 2014, the new PVC infill tube which can replace the steel tube.
The PVC honeycombed infill tube, is a footing that can be directly fixed into the ground. Very economical, it remains an alternative to the traditional steel posts that are driven or concreted into the ground.
More flexible than a steel infill tube, it has the advantage of snapping at its base in the case of a major impact on the post. It is easy and inexpensive to replace.
Currently in use at Chester Racecourse, York Racecourse and Salisbury Racecourse.

Recommended uses
Where ever the highest safety standards are required: inside and outside lanes, bends, before and after the finishing line and anywhere horses need to be contained. Offering the maximum safety to horses, jockeys and the public. For use in Paddocks, parade rings, winners encloursures and walkways.

Installation Method
Swan neck posts onto PVC honeycombed putlocks.
The putlocks are inserted in PVC tubes embedded in concrete blocks. Height adjustment with washers.
In case of ground subsidence the adjustment remains possible. Easily adjustable at latter stages.
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