Doncaster Racecourse
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Doncaster Racecourse

This week the guys from Wattfences have been busy installing Duralock Crowd Barrier at Doncaster Racecourses Hilton Hotel. The Duralock Crowd Barrier has been put around the hotels garden terrace which backs directly onto the racecourse to help differentiate the hotel while giving a stylish and professional look. Duralock’s crowd barriers are designed to guide and protect making it a perfect solution for the hotel’s situation.

Some of the benefits of using Duralock’s PVC Crowd Barriers include:

  • The costly effort of painting and staining is eliminated
  • They do not absorb moisture so will not blister, peel or rot
  • They maintain their fresh appearance year after year
  • Very simple to install

With years of experience, Duralock have been supplying Crowd barriers for many years and have developed a wide range of options to meet the special requirements of their users. Wattfences are proud to be partners with Duralock so if you would like any further information regarding any of Duralock’s products please contact us.