Point to Point ditch
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Point to Point

The 2019 Point to Point season is now well underway with Wattfences providing custom built and hired Steeplechase sections for meetings across the country
Watt Fences Roll on off
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Roll on Roll off Fences

Ludlow Racecourse has been very busy over the summer getting prepared for their new season which started on the 7th October
Picket Fencing
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PVC Fencing

Despite having one of the shortest racing seasons, Cartmel Racecourse attracts some of the largest crowds in British racing. As many as 20,000 people, including children, might attend the main Bank Holiday fixtures.
Watt Fences Picket Fencing
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Picket Fencing

Horse racing is officially the 2nd largest sport in Britain in terms of TV audiences, revenue and attendance. At present we are in challenging global economic times however horse racing is growing in popularity with attendances rising year on year