Schooling Padding


We have the biggest choice of padding here at Watt Fences, with products designed specifically for safe cushioning in all types of equine environments. Should you require schooling, rail or guardrail pads for your racecourse, we are confident we have the highest quality materials, at the most cost-effective prices. Ideal for jumps and ditches, you will find our fence padding is durable, dependable and designed with your needs in mind.

Like all of the products we sell here at Watt Fences, the items in this category are made to the highest quality standards, and we supply racecourses, stables and trainers with the following solutions and so much more:

  • Ditch Pads
  • Running Rail Ends
  •  3/4” Pads
  • Guardrail Pads
  • Wing Pads
  • Running Rail Pads

Whatever you require, we are sure to have a pad that’s perfect for the occasion, and you can see them in greater detail by clicking the following links to enlarge the images.

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Schooling Padding for Fences, Jumps and Rails

No matter what type or style you are looking for, we are confident we have the best solution here for you at Watt Fences. From ditch to wing and guardrail solutions for birch fences, we stock the lot, and can tailor our options to suit your needs. If you are looking for rail pads or running rail ends, you’ll find everything you need, and all of our pads are a standard ¾” thick, which we recommended over ½” products.

Please take a closer look at the schooling pads we have to offer you and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you can’t find what you are looking for. For more details, you can contact us here today and get a FREE quote, or call us for a friendly chat on 01748 822666.