Watt Fences are the largest suppliers to Racecourses in Great Britain & Ireland.
We offer a full range of Hurdles, Steeplechase Fences, Wings and PVC products including Crowd Barrier, Running Rail .

We are available to build & repack Steeplechase Fences onsite.  We are able to supply padding for all hurdles, fences, wings and gates, running rail posts etc .

Duralock – We can now offer a full range of Duralock products to Racecourse’s .Crowd Barrier , Running Rail and Wings .

In January 2017 we acquired the business of Racing Ancillary Services which was formerly owned by Bob Gilling so we can now also supply all ‘Gilling’ products including Running Rail, Wings, Starter Tape and Starter Equipment.

Please contact us for any of your requirements .