Plastic Birch


Growing in demand, plastic birch hurdles are fast becoming more popular due to their great looks, superior performance, and unquestionable durability. Commonly used for jump hurdles, artificial plastic birch is currently known to last for approximately 8 years, with the expectation it won’t be long until it is guaranteed for 10 years.

Available in a range of fence and hurdle heights and free to choose in a variety of lengths, PVC birch hurdles can be seen in use at a variety of courses including:

  • Newmarket Links
  • Malton Gallops
  • Middleham Gallops

Popular with a number of familiar trainers, plastic birch branch is recommended by Gary Moore, Robert Walford, Roger Brookhouse, Dr. Newland and plenty of experts in the field of horse racing. This long-lasting artificial birch is made from the hardiest materials and is perfect for schooling fencing, steeplechases and open ditch fences at a host of racecourses.

We have all sizes of Plastic Birch fencing   

Here at Watt Fences, we can provide you with birch plastic in  our very own 500mm Birch Block. You can find more information on our brochure – plastic birch

If you want more details about artificial birch fencing, feel free to contact us here at Watt Fences. You can speak to our friendly team by calling us today on 01748 822666.

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